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Riding bikes on Montana Mountain is free, but running a trail crew is not. There currently is no day pass or use fee for using the trails on the mountain. Every year, the Carcross Tagish Management Corporation has to find the funding from other sources to keep the S2S program running. And while it is great that more people are coming to Carcross, the cost of keeping the trails awesome is going up.

We want to help. When we released SHIFT, we also worked with Sport Yukon Foundation to set up a special trust for the Single Track To Success Program in Carcross. Through this trust we've been able to channel proceeds from film screenings and individual donations from fans and riders directly to the operations of the trail crew. Last year the fund provided over $10,000 to trail crew wages, materials, and equipment for the program. We are trying to raise the same amount for this year (and every year) to support the crew. 

100 per cent of all donations go to trail crew operations. There are no administrative fees charged by either Shot in the Dark or Sport Yukon. It's our way of showing support to the program. And because the foundation is a charitable trust, all donations over $50 will receive a tax receipt. So everyone wins. Especially the kids who get to keep building trails and riding bikes. Thank you to everyone who donates to the cause.