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And the following people made it happen...

Writer/Director/Producer: Kelly Milner

Director of Photography: David Hamelin

Additional Photography: Alex Chan and Grant McWatters

Editor: David Hamelin

Original Soundtrack: Jordy Walker

“Raven Strut” composed by Kevin Nanun Ga’ax Clevenger, "Boxdrum Exit" composed by Sean Łtaguhâ McDougalland, and both songs performed by the Dakhká Khwáan Dancers

Remixing and Composition: Daniel Ashley

Sound Design: David Hamelin and Jordy Walker

Colour Grade: David Hamelin

Graphics: Jayden Soroka

Production Assistant: Derek Crowe

Creative Consultant: Dawn Brett

Technical Advisor: Jayden Soroka

Driver and Logistics: Chris Milner

Broadcast Supervisor: Chris McNutt

S2S Trail Crew: Shane Wally, Roberta Wally, Dominic Smith-Johns, Jade McLeod, Jared Gatensby, Keona McLaughlin, Laurence Smith, McKenzie Harper-Smarch, Derek Crowe, Jane Koepke, Wayne Roberts

Riders: James Minifie, Tim Hogan, Kirsten Hogan, Sam Reimer, Curtis Murray, Isabelle Beauregard, Derek Crowe, Chris Milner, Gary Parkstrom, Nadine Reynolds, Tanya Ordish, Ava Milner, Jordan Minifie, Owen Hogan, Adelle Anderson, Axel Anderson